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I Just Like To Pray

1 December 2018 Les Mureaux, France Good news: It’s my bestfriend’s birthday! Today is the birthday of my bestfriend, Diana. She’s now 32 with a loving husband named Kevin and cute little daughter Anna. I’ve known her since we were in 1st grade. The world is not gonna be the same without her. She’s special […]

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A little experiment won't hurt, Joanpelrod Photography


11 octobre 2018 The first succulent I bought to put indoor for our little appartment. A little background from wiki: Crassula ovata, commonly known as¬†jade plant,¬†lucky plant,¬†money plant¬†or¬†money tree, is a¬†succulent plant¬†with small pink or white flowers. It is¬†native¬†to¬†South Africa¬†and¬†Mozambique, and is common as a¬†houseplant¬†worldwide. Much of its popularity stems from the low levels of […]

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