Sunset at Fira, Santorini
Port of Paros, first stop of the ferry
Let your hands go traveling if you can
here on time's curve with the ship
that touched the horizon.
When the dice struck the flagstone
when the lance struck the breast-plate
when the eye recognized the stranger
and love went dry
in punctured souls;

when looking around you see
feet harvested everywhere
dead hands everywhere
eyes darkened everywhere;

when you can’t any longer choose
even the death you wanted as your own-
hearing a cry,
even the wolf’s cry,
your due:

Oia, Santorini
On the way to Emporio
Santo Wine
left photo: taken at Lithos, Santorini and right photo at Spitaki
let your hands go traveling if you can
free yourself from unfaithful time
and sink-
So sinks whoever raises the great stones.
verse from
Santorini – The Naked Child
By: George Seferis

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