Direction Est et Nord Ouest

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2nd stop of our summer vacation, we went to visit our friend Conny and her husband Flo at Besançon. It’s in the eastern part of France near the border of Switzerland. Unfortunately we didn’t have a lot of sun during our stay there.

First we visited the small town of Ornans, 28 minutes away by car from the center of Besançon.

The cute houses overhanging the river Loue

Then we went to: La source du Lison

51 minute drive from the center of Besançon, 29 minutes from Ornans.

Fresh air and so much green, plus it rained that day so add the smell of the earth equals to 100% nature!

The water is crystal clear! I asked Conny if we can dip our feet and if it wasn’t raining, is it allowed to swim? She said it’s not allowed. By just looking at it you will feel fresh!

It’s short but we had a good time during our stay. It was indeed a good part of our vacation, sharing summer time with a fellow Filipina is worth it. With all the food and drinks and we met new people, all the hospitality we received are overwhelming.

To end our summer we spent some relaxing time at Le Grais, Normandie.

He’s discovering the wonders of nature.
I’m wondering if they really shared or fought over that stick.
The day we headed back home, welcomed the morning with a magnificent sunrise.
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