Different worlds formed into one, differences, matches. Love binds and miracles happen. Nothing in this world is definite but only love makes it round. Everything has its own reason and love justifies it.

In a world full of hatred, how come love still exists? In a world that is a mess, how come only love, we cannot resist?

Sometimes, everything falls apart. Sometimes you don’t know who to trust. And sometimes love is painful.

But in the end you have to choose. In the end you know what’s best for you.

In the end, dreams do come true.

Two souls joined together. Isn’t it beautiful? Two lives drawn to each other.

Two people decides to live together, side by side. For everything that happened, will happen and could happen they decided to be one.

It is magical. It is free. Period.

A lot of things affects every person but love never give up. A lot of things can be torn apart, but love is there, always.

It is there.

Some doesn’t believe anymore, some just got tired. But it is waiting, just waiting for the right time to be seen, felt, or to be spoken.

For everything what we need is, simply love.

A ♥ R

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