How does it feel to run a business just because people like to celebrate?

Birthdays, weddings, Christmas, everything that’s special, needs to be celebrated and to be honest it’s not complete without a cake or anything sweet.

Everything in between cakes, cookies or any other sweets makes us enjoy life a bit. Sometimes whenever we celebrate, the cake is the most important part of it. Sharing every piece of it make the occasion more special.

Let’s be honest, without the cake it’s ordinary.

But how does it feel to be a baker?

It’s messy!

Beth Beji is from the U.S. and is married to a french man and decided to live in Paris and now they have two lovely cute children. Together with her friend Philip Andelman who started the business and teamed up with Cassandra Choi to bring the classic american sweets to each table.

Even if you’re the most organized person, baking a cake will make you messy. Baking seems easy but as Beth said :

It’s a mix of science and math. If you don’t follow the right measurement, the outcome will be different.

Beth Beji (owner of Stoney Clove Bakery)

There will always be difficult times, but for Beth it’s her passion to make something colorful, letting people enjoy the sweetness of life and celebrate it in a special way. All their cookies, cakes and pastries are american classic recipes.

If you wanna try an American classic dessert just to celebrate life you can find them in the 2nd district of Paris.


Stoney Clove Bakery – From the mountains on down.

Beth (owner) and Luiza (cake decorator)

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