2 Day Stay at Besançon

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1 Septembre 2019

Marks the end of the summer vacation for this year. It’s sad but it’s more sad if I’m not gonna be paid because I did not work. So reality check, work starts again tomorrow. Here are some snaps from our 2 day stay at Besançon, eastern side of France near the border of Switzerland.

We went up to the famous Citadel, by bus 5 mins. from the center. Then we went down by walk which took us 20 mins.

Citadel – 17th-century fortress in Franche-Comté, France. It is one of the finest masterpieces of military architecture designed by Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban -Wikipedia

If you like history, the 10,90€ entrance fee is worth it. At the same time prepare your feet and legs for a little sport.

After stretching some muscles we decided to go down to the center and it reminds us of Montpellier, a city in the southern part of France. The buildings and streets looks a bit similar.

Try to zoom in, you will see the fishes. Their colors are same as the sand so they are not really visible, but once you see them there are lots of it.

After we went to Parc Micaud, for a little promenade.

So lucky to capture these two lovelies!

We visited this city for a little project, next time we’ll see to it that we’ll stay a bit longer to go around the other parts of the city. We want to thank Flo and Conny for being the hosts and made our stay so comfortable. We’ll definitely go back.

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