Weekend getaway, direction-North!

Rode a Citroën 2CV! It feels like 1940’s…
Flowers from Didier and Cathy’s garden.
His name is “Blacky”.
And this is Shirley.

So we visited some castles and here are some photos I took.

Chateau d’O
A small castle with accommodating staff. When we entered a guy approached us immediately and asked if we are there for a visit and we said yes but unfortunately we have to wait 1 hour for the next tour and they close at 16h00. So we cannot have the visit anymore because we’ll visit another castle so we decided to walk around in the front area. With the paid visit of course you can enter the chateau and walk around its garden together with a tour guide.
This is the second castle we went to Chateau de Médavy.
The castle is small but the garden and park is big, a nice place to have a walk, it’s relaxing and peaceful.
And the last castle we visited was the Chateau de Carrouges.
It’s the biggest castle out of the three castles we went to. This photo is only the entrance.
Sometimes I think I can paint, but with a camera.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. ♥

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