3 Jours De Rêve En Amoureux

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A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.
Max Muller

Who cannot be more thankful with a gift of three days and two nights somewhere you can relax and get away from all stress and fast paced life in the city.


David and I chosed a 2 star hotel just 3 hours away from Ile de France. We checked in at L’Orée Des Chateau at Bracieux. A simple, basic hotel to stay in. The hotel is easy to find and along the road, it’s accessible to other nearby cities so we find the location is good. The receptionist is polite and welcoming. Overall we’ll give 3 stars out of 5, because of the sticky floor, the towel with a stain and not so clean pitchers for the breakfast. So the hygiene is a little question.


After we arrived and settled our things, rainy afternoon so we took a coffee and tea at the center.

2 minutes away by car from the hotel:Bar Tabac Le Chiquito: 9 Rue René Masson, 41250 Bracieux
In front of the tabac, you can observe the medieval times in the village.

On our first night, we just relaxed and planned to eat in a restaurant for dinner. We searched and we like somewhere that’s really near and of course offering a good variety of food we can choose from. I searched in google and saw the Au Gré du Vent, read some reviews and saw some photos that really looks appetizing for my taste. The reviews are mostly positive so we gave it a try. 19H00 was our reservation, it opens at 18H30 to 21H00 for dinner. 5 minutes away from the hotel; we arrived as per the address we searched and saw a small restaurant in the corner, looked twice if it has the same name as we saw in google and made sure we are at the right address. The parking is a bit dark, and we saw a well lit room and a lady was arranging a big table for like 10 people or more. So we are not sure if that’s the restaurant. We went inside and the lady welcomed us with a big smile and told us the entrance of the restaurant is on the other side, and as we stepped inside, just by th door we saw the big sign restaurant with the arrow directing to go to the right. But we did not saw it because there was no light outside. She let us passed anyway by the reception room to the restaurant.

View from the inside, the entrance is on the left side.

As you can see it is really well lit and it really looks clean! Important details for a dining place. One thing to suggest is the menu written in the board, as you can see from one of the pillars of the room, I will suggest a penlight pointed above it and more readable and bigger texts. From my seat I cannot read it easily because it’s a bit small. But the lady presented it to us. Another thing are the lights, I will suggest warmer lights will add something comfy and relaxing ambience. Overall the place is clean and well arranged. We felt VIP for this dinner because we are the only ones reserved for the night.

Note: All ingredients are from the region. (two thumbs up for that)

So now the most important thing, the FOOD!

For the apperitif we ordered cocktails AA (avec alcohol) and rhum Diplomatico for David, then it’s accompanied with chicken with lentilles, the little croustillent thing that we forgot what it is and the wrapped cooked beef that is so flavorful, the saveur of the beef that’s not fatty melting in your mouth.


For the entrée: Génial!

Croustillent de crevette et poireaux
_________________ et soufflet de poisson

For the super main dishes or plats: accompanied with a good red wine from the region.

Pestille de joue de boeuf
Cassolette du pecheur raviolles de lengoustine

Incroyable dessert!

Moelleux aux fruits: pomme et kiwi, glace maison cacahuetes grillé

Ended our perfect meal with a cup of coffee and tea and a little chocolate cookie. It was really delicious! The taste of the food are really beyond of its’ price. The lady who is the owner of the restuarant really welcomed and served us well and even gave us 2 tickets for a castle visit, so gentle of her. As she said to us after we paid the world is round.

So day 1 ended and back to the hotel to watch the Paris-M.UTD football match, 1-3So sad for the Paris’ fans.

Our way back to the hotel.


A little sunshine for the second day so we are lucky.


We took breakfast from the hotel, as part of our accommodation. 20 minutes away from the village of Bracieux, we headed to the village of Blois.


First stop: Eglise Saint Vincent de Paul de Blois




2nd stop: Escalier Denis Papin

I’m not so sure if it has 125 steps, counted the big step as one.

View from the bottom, unfortunately it doesn’t have the décor that has the 3D illusion.
Topview of the stairs, you can see the bottom part of the village all the way to the bridge.

3rd stop: Around the center of the village.




We had observed the historical medieval times of the village, which is until now is visible. The construction of the buildings and its’ architectures are amazing. Preserving it’s original facade is important.

4th stop: Château Royal de Blois


Jeanne d’Arc


Little break from the tour, bagels from the Cake Concept.

5th stop: Walk along La Loire

While we waited for the Max Vauché Chocolatier to open we decided to have a walk along la Loire, planned to visit a jardin but unfortunately it was not open since it’s not yet really the perfect time of the flower season.


6th stop: Max Vauché Chocolatier

Photos and videos are not allowed inside the boutique, the personnel are accommodating and the good thing is they have free taste of the different flavors of the chocolates so you can choose what you prefer. Also they have a kind of chocolate for the diabetic people which I find good.

The 3 flavors we chose, you can see in the middle it’s pink but there is no colorant or added flavor in it. It’s the cacao itself that gave the color and fruity flavor.
Pink skies that ended our day.


Back to reality and back to Ile de France. It was an amazing moment we had. We are really thankful for the nice people around us; first, the people who gave the smartbox gift to us last Christmas of 2017. Of course the people that made our out of town memorable the people we encountered and been so kind to us, welcomed us so warm and all the exchanges of conversations. We feel blessed!

Let’s all get lost.
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