Last post for the year 2018.

31 December 2018

Les Mureaux, France

23rd of Decemeber the brother of David arrived with his girlfriend all the way from Die, France; it’s near the south of France. Die is a great place surrounded by mountains and lakes, lots of connections to nature and the famous Clairette de Die, the sparkling wine. This is where we went last summer! We had a special dinner which David and I prepared. We served seafood soup with ginger and coconut milk for starters then quinoa with fresh carrots with honey garlic sauce and the perfect charolaise that is so easy to cook. It’s our first time to cook it and it was so perfect. 5 minutes in a pot with oil then we put it in the oven, cooked it in 220°C for 25mins. topped with onions. It was just perfect. The dinner is accompanied with a good red wine of course. It was a perfect dinner for the four of us.

24th of December, I had work in the morning and for the Christmas eve we had a dinner at David’s dads’ home. It was a calm and memorable dinner. We ate the traditional morbiflette and string beans with garlic on the side and a good part of a steak. Of course a glass of red wine is present. Cheese to seal the meal.

A very Christmas themed table deco made by Kty (wife of David’s dad)

25th of December, Christmas day! A good breakfast to start the day. We prepared and will return to David’s dad for lunch. We celebrated christmas lunch with the daughter of David’s dad’s wife. Exchanges of gifts and kisses and hugs, it was great. For the evening the four of us went back home and watched a film of Leo ” The Revenant”. I felt really cold with that film.

We kicked it all!
After eating a lot of cheese and ham.
A really good soup made by the mom of David.

29th of December, we planned to visit my father at Neuilly but we remembered there’s the gilets jaunes. So we decided to go for the next day, that way we won’t be blocked on the way. So 30th of december is the day to go to my father but unfortunately David got sick and vomitted the night before so boom cancelled again.

31st of December 2018, the last day of the year. Today we will be able to go to my father’s home. It will be just 45 mins. away from where we live. Last day of the year and last day to say goodbye 2018 and hello to new year. New days and new things to look forward to. I have projects lined up and it will be a creative year ahead of me. So for now let’s all wait for the countdown.


Time checked 18h31 and it’s new year already in the Philippines!

We went earlier this afternoon to my father, short but worth it. We saw them before the year ends. We’ll find a way to see them often this coming year.

At my father’s home.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Thank you 2018!

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