Smile At The Person Beside You

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8 December 2018

Rainy + cold and near Christmas season = chocolat chaud. Enough said!


Christmas season is not my favorite. I just like to wrap gifts and wish everyone a happy holidays but it’s sad actually. When I was a child I was sad because we don’t experience snow in our country, the Philippines. When I was a teenager I was sad because I don’t get all the gifts I wanted. Now that I am an adult it’s sad because of the reality.

Turning it to positive side, I’m going to eat a lot again and drink a lot again and spend time with people that I consider now as family. Laughter after laughter, hugs and kisses, full of smiles from ear to ear. Happy moments that will be remembered. Enjoy every moment because you’ll never know when it will be the last time. So now I’m programming my mind that it isn’t about the gifts and decorations that should fill the Christmas spirit. It should be the love you shared with the person that is willing to spend time with you on Christmas.

Be thankful if you’re not going to spend Christmas alone. Some people will and that’s the sad reality of Christmas. Maybe not only for Christmas but countless days of their lives they will be alone for many reasons. If you’re going to spend Christmas with your loved ones, hug, kiss and thank them just for being there.

16 days before Christmas. Happy week-end! 🙂
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