1 December 2018

Les Mureaux, France

Good news: It’s my bestfriend’s birthday!

Lovely family! (Diana, Kevin and Anna)

Today is the birthday of my bestfriend, Diana. She’s now 32 with a loving husband named Kevin and cute little daughter Anna. I’ve known her since we were in 1st grade. The world is not gonna be the same without her. She’s special and I think she’s my sister from another mother. Even if we don’t see each other often I know that she will be my friend when I need someone. I just know she will be my friend forever.

I pray for your special day to be as happy as your smile. I pray for your family especially your cute Anna to be loving as you. I pray for your husband to be your strength when you’re tired and feeling down. I pray for your safety and good health. I pray for your hearts’ desires to fulfill your happiness. Happy birthday Diana! I love you and God loves you more. ♥


Sad news: France en colére

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DEs “gilets jaunes” rassemblées le 18 novembre à Caen lors du deuxième jour de mobilisation de ce mouvement protestant contre la hausse des carburants
Image result for gilets jaunes acte 3
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Flash report from France, the whole country is angry. (Gilets Jaunes Acte 3)

There are some laws that the people are not agreed with. It’s going to be Christmas soon and the country of France is not in peace and all the other countries that’s experiencing acts of violence.

Father God, please bless each one of us. Thank you for this day. I have a lot of requests all around the world especially of what’s happening here in France. I pray for all the hearts that holds hatred and sadness to cry out and be healed. I pray for all the acts of violence to end and for the whole world to start a new journey. I pray for each individual to stop hurting and hold hands. I pray for their minds to be at peace and aim to do only goodness. I pray for negative thoughts to disappear and positive actions to arise. I pray all for the people to have peace. All these in Jesus name.

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