Lundi, 19 novembre 2018

Paris, France

12h44, 5°C

So it’s quite colder than yesterday. I cannot go out without gloves and a bonnet. I was thinking of how many days are there before Christmas. Here in France, I cannot feel yet the spirit of Christmas because there are not a lot of decorations. Unlike in the Philippines, once a ‘ber’ month started, it’s considered like Christmas. Yes, that’s how early the Christmas starts in my country. This year I’m thinking to give something that is ecological and natural. It gave me the idea when the sister of David wants to have cotton buds and toothbrush made from bamboo. Isn’t it so practical to give gifts with purpose? Now I’m thinking what could be the best gift for children considering this matter.

Mardi, 21 novembre 2018

Paris, France

14h38, 6°C

First snowfall of the season. 12249714_10153821252443120_15324450893442938_n

Here is a list of some gift ideas to give this Christmas season.

  1. Pair of comfortable slippers. It is practical to give to anyone and for the cold season it will help a lot too.
  2. A pot of plant instead of bouquet of flowers. I’ve learned this when I read an article about the succulent plants that for now is becoming one of my hobbies. It is really environmental if you give a pot of flower or a plant instead of a bouquet of flowers. First it will last longer with the right care. Second it cost less than a bouquet. It is a great idea for plant lovers.
  3. A jar of honey or a box of goods. I already gave some people this and I find it economical to give someone a jar of honey that they love and they can keep for sometime. Actually food is really good to give to someone. It is consumable and you know that it won’t be a waste. You just have to know what the person likes best. Be careful because we all know that christmas season is food season so be sure to give something that will last upto next year.
  4. Undergarments. Admit it or not but we all want a new underwear from time to time and it is a ‘need’. Back when I was young, my grandmother always, always give us underwear for Christmas, sometimes with shirt and pants but always with underwear. And I always love it. It’s like, it will be new year soon and I have new undergarments. Who doesn’t like that?
  5. Books for children than toys. What is the common thing the children do when they have new toys? They play with it the first day once they already played with it few times and boom they don’t like it anymore. If you are going to give toys, give something that is educational or something that will make them do sport like run, jump, shoot, walk and which is also good for their brains to work. It is also good to teach children to love books. It makes them calm. *Tip: When you read a story to your children, give life to it; change your voice and do some facial reactions, they love it. It adds something to their imagination and it’s fun.
  6. Anything DIY. May it be a card, bag, painting, dress, cake, biscuits that you yourself is the one who made it is a perfect gift for anyone. It doesn’t only have a unique personality and also one and only but to put effort for a gift to offer is really special. A good idea creating diy stuff is a good bond for parents and children. It is also a good habit for children to know how to create something special for their loved ones. It will make them more lovable and creative. Children is way more imaginative than we thought so.

Those are the 6 special things I can share with you as gift ideas for this season. Whatever the gift you give to someone, it doesn’t matter how much it is but the thought of giving is special. The most important thing to remember is to give and share love with your loved ones, life is short for hidden grudges and hate.

Mercredi, 28 novembre 2018

Paris, France

I cannot imagine in just 2 days it will be December and it’s near the new year. My favorite part when it’s Christmas time is wrapping gifts and decorating. Here is my own and new version of 3D Christmas wreath.

Yes we have 2 Santas, because why not!

So I bought all the materials from Søstrene Grene, I love this DIY shop because of their style and colors and especially their products. I like the idea of most products are made of wood.

For my 3D wreath:

I bought the round wooden plate for the base then painted it pastel green on top for the decors to pop. 2 christmas trees and 2 Santas for balance and the big star in the middle as the accent. To wrap it up, I put a wooden ribbon around it.

I cannot even remember when was the last time i did a Christmas wreath. So there you are, my own version of 3D Christmas wreath.

Jeudi, 29 novembre 2018

Paris, France

So today is not so gray day, i can see some white parts in the sky.

Thinking about Christmas. It made me think for all of those years I spent Christmas with the people I know, will they remember me even if I’m far away from them? It makes me sad sometimes because they only remember and misses me because I gave gifts to them. I’m not so sure if I touched their lives significantly that they will remember who I am and not because I gave them gifts. It makes me reflect and I must say people really do change. Maybe you know them right this very moment and the next day you are a stranger to them. 

Now I’m thinking, how did I really connect with people? It bothers me sometimes that, am I giving love enough to the people I know? Do I made someone happy with my presence? Questions that I’m figuring out the answers. Now it’s near Christmas time, let’s all share the love to all. Make someone smile and thank them for their presence. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to say the words you feel for the person. It will make them realize their worth and you will make them happy. The world is full of hate and shit now. Let’s continue the love that won’t be replaced with the digital world. 

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