It’s not really a good day for the whole country of France. Waking to this on TV is not a good way to start the day. 

Right now I’m not in Paris and can’t see in actual what’s happening at Champs Élysées, Paris. I hope the manifestation will end soon. It started last Saturday 17 November and until now, there’s no action done concerning the demands of the people.

Everywhere around the world the people are against how the system of the government are running each country. My question is, what is really the problem, the people or the law? It’s the people who voted for the politicians that are sitting down in their respective seats in the government. But, everywhere the people are against the system of the people they voted for. Can’t we just have peace and order? As easy as to say I’m wishing there will be one day that people will be tired and just wake up to think straight with positive outlook for all. I wonder too if that day will come. 😔

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