Is Color Important To You?

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Today I just saw the most friendly reminder of all. Now that I am living in a foreign land with all the different races, cultures and languages. I believe that color is not actually a basis on how to treat people. It is not supposedly the first that will caught our eyes to differentiate people. It is not a fair judgment for human race. It is absolutely not the precious thing to respect oneself. Color is just a color. You cannot judge other people by their color itself. For three years I had been living here in France, I already witnessed a lot of discrimination, from different races. I saw a lot of incidents that by just looking at them from head to toe, the color of their skin, from the way they dress and speak; people already had judged them. What is in the color that made us different from one another? I’ve also experienced some instances that I felt that I am being judged by my color, race, face, even clothing. But it doesn’t bother me actually because I know where I stand, how I act and speak. Not everyone I’ve encountered is friendly or kind. I just don’t care what other people think anymore. There are more serious problems anyway to talk about and should be act upon. Let’s stop discrimination. It should not be a concern anymore for this generation and the upcoming. 

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