Dimanche, 18 novembre 2018

Les Mureaux, France

8°C (but it feels more like 2°C)

Nothing to do much this day because it’s not really advisable to go far and by car because of the ongoing manifestation gilets jaunes all over the country of France. I hope the government will do something really efficient to what most of the people need, to hear their cry and take action on it. I am hoping for the better.

So we had a walk near the Seine just also near the appartment, and I like to share the photos I’ve taken. It’s really cold and the wind is freezing.

Before giving the bread, he paused, looked and gave us (David and I) a smile.



The three giants.
Rusty brown

We walked not more than thirty minutes because of the cold wind. It was so calm and good to take the sun. Enjoying while it is still shining.

Happy Sunday and great week ahead everyone!

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