10 Things Planting Teach Us

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17 novembre 2018

Les Mureaux, France

7° C , 12H57

Today I’m just happy to see one of my plants is starting to have roots. From the post Cactusing I introduced the 3 leaves that fell from the Jade plant that I re-planted. The number 1 died and here’s a new photo of 2 & 3:


14-10-2018: Planted ; 17-11-2018: I’m so happy it’s starting to grow and has roots.

Planting teaches us a lot of things:

  1. It makes us patient. – Being patient is hard sometimes whenever we had started something and we like to see right away the outcome. Patience is a virtue as we say. All things done with patience in whatever situation we apply it has a good end.
  2. Helps us to grow too. – Growing something makes us grow too. Mentally, emotionally, physically; making something grow makes all our body nurture. Growing in a positive way makes us more human.
  3. Discover the changes. – From all the things used in planting to seeing the end result, we discover changes. It allows us to experiment and try different methods and materials that we want to have a positive conclusion.
  4. Accepts the end result/s. – Not everyone has the gift of having a green thumb they say. One will be frustrated because not one plant can grow or even trying everything in any way to produce it. But I don’t believe it, I’m not a fan of it actually that green thumb exists, I believe everyone can grow at least one plant. It also goes along with our attitude. Accepting the end result is hard if it’s bad. But it won’t harm for a second try.
  5. To envision a better outcome that makes us think positive. – In whatever we do, being posiitve is a mental power. Thinking positive towards anything is a way of conquering our fears and accepts whatever the result it will give. It is a better way to make our brains work, which is the most powerful part of our body. It’s all in the mind.
  6. Learn what is hardwork and makes us more responsible. – Planting is a responsibility. It is a living thing that needs TLC all the way. Hardwork as we all know pays off in the end. “What you sow, is what you reap”. It applies in everything we do in our lives.
  7. Work in peace mode. – Planting is a therapeutic work. It makes our body aches but mentally and emotionally work in peace.
  8. Be satisfied of whatever it produced. – In every plant there is visible product that will makes us happy or sad. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that it’s not growing the way we want but despite of that reality it makes us satisfied. Putting effort to grow anything is something we should be proud of.
  9. Lets us try again. – Never be tired of trying until you succeed. It is upto every individual what result they want in the end. You put energy in doing something, everything to grow it, you will have it. No matter how long will it take.
  10. Save the mother nature. – It is our very own, to protect and save the mother nature. In our own little way let’s return what it’s giving us to live on earth. No one likes a stinky environment.

We don’t need a hectare to start planting. One small pot is a good good way to begin.

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