Jeudi, 15 novembre 2018

Paris, France


How do you start your morning routine?

It’s a dream to start a morning without alarm not in a hurry and to eat breakfast. Prepare myself for 1 hour or 2 while listening to my favorite music.


I start with getting up to stop the alarm and this place has been my private spot since January of this year, every morning, to wake up slowly, fix my face and do all that is needed before starting a new day. The last thing is to kiss and hug David before heading out.

Walk when I am not in a hurry, run if I’m late and the bus had passed by or take the bus which pass every 30 minutes and will be in 5 minutes in the bus stop near me, and if I’m running late too. It’s 14 minutes away by walk by the way.

But whatever is the reason behind why I have this morning routine, one thing I learn is to value the time more than before.

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