2 years had passed, when we started to chat next is text then we met for the first time and boom we saw our physical appearance raw, fresh, and sensible.

2 years had passed and it feels like the other day when we first met but no I feel more it’s not just a double year but add ten more.

2 years had passed and we still do what we do the first smile and laugh when we held each other, it’s beyond holding each other now, pinching, slapping, spanking all that.

2 years had passed but I still look at your cute face, small eyes, thin cheeks and perfect smile, teasing you is the best and then at the end you’ll do a funny face.

Sometimes we hate each other, things that we discover are the real us as time be in clover, let’s hold hands and grow old.

It’s just starting how our lives will be for the better that we are always wishing, I hope for the best and we’ll do it but I cannot promise without stress.

Time will tell, as we always say just from the start; always have questions but we cannot have all the answers we want to utter.

Now 2 years had passed and let’s be with each other, hold hands, kiss and embrace like forever. To envision the future might be hard but let’s say that we see that light in the darkness.

Too many words to tell you but never spoken, I hope you just feel it whenever I put my arms around your waist and my head on your chest, sometimes it’s better in silence.

I’m happy to be with you, lucky I’m beside you and grateful for every action you do. It’s just the beginning hoping for a happy ending. Life is sad but let’s just be glad, 11.11 will never be the same without you, and you agree with that.

2 years had passed and je t’aime mon cuteybutt.


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