Samedi, 10 novembre 2018

Les Mureaux, France


This morning it was raining, and we went to a bio shop: Biocoop at Epone, because Saturday is Market day for me and David. Many people sometimes say that if you buy bio foods you’re likely to be a picky eater. Maybe not now that I’m in my 30+ yes I’m being picky with what I eat and that’s being healthy at the same time. In the Philippines we call the bio food, organic food. It’s a bit more expensive but I realized it’s really better to buy organic food. Why?

  1. It’s organic.
  2. It’s a product from the local farmers.
  3. It doesn’t have pesticides.
  4. It’s more flavorful.
  5. I am somehow helping the nature.

It’s so good to discover lots of kinds of vegetables and their colorful crooked forms and also different local products that are organically produced. Stay healthy you’re going to thank yourself one day.


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