Vendredi, 9 novembre 2018

Paris, France


Again, it’s Friday. Are you aware that another week is about to end. Lots of brains are so busy right now thinking about HOLIDAYS! Yes! It’s near and I’m excited too! But I think we have to enjoy every second of every day because the year is about to end, again. December feels will be filled again with laughter, companions, love, alcohol and lots of food also gifts. But no matter how you celebrate your holidays I wish you positive vibes through it and enjoy. Friday is my favorite day I think. Well, time is passing so fast so better do something about it in a positive way. Use every cell in your brain to think of whatever things you need to do before 2018 ends. Maybe you just need to write a letter to someone you miss, read a new kind of book, go somewhere you have never been, give someone a flower or tell him/her you like or love them, or buy that thing you are longing for a year now. There are so many things to do just let your brain, heart and wallet (if it’s needed) do the job. So, it’s already near half of today I’m going out and walk for awhile and make my bones chill.

Have a good day! 💋

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