What you are is what you eat, so for every meal I prepare for you surely it’s out of love.

I love cooking and to experiment the ingredients for every meal I make. I was influenced by my father, he is really good in cooking. It’s because of him too, that’s why I love to eat fruits. Sometimes I fail to cook the way I want it to be but still I love to do it and I will definitely cook over and over again. I like vegetables and learned to eat more when I started to live here in France. Besides that there are new vegetables I haven’t seen in my country the Philippines, I learned to eat some vegetables raw. There are foods in my country that I crave, first there are none here or they cannot grow it here in Europe like the tropical fruits secondly by the name it’s called sureness it won’t grow here. Sad but it’s okay, I can easily adapt the habit. I grew up in a hot country so soup is not really advisable in our menu. But sometimes yes when it’s raining it’s good to have comfort food or when we are sick or when there is a formal occassion. So making soup is one of the experiments I’m learning now, which ingredients are good to mix together. I also learned about cold soup, I ate last summer, a good friend made it and it’s really good, healthy and refreshing. Winter is coming so definitely I will cook and eat a lot of soup. David and I doesn’t like the ready made soup that we can buy in the supermarket, it’s often with additives so we find it not so good.

If you have recipes of soup you can share it to me!

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