Samedi, 3 novembre 2018

So David and I had a plan to walk today, it’s kinda cold but the sun is out so it’s a perfect time to smell some fresh air, watch and take some photos of the leaves falling with their wonderful golden orange red colors; but he’s not feeling well. So we decided to go to Jardiland instead near our place because we need to buy soil for the big succulents he bought last time. The pots he bought for it was small so it needs to be changed too.

When I was about to re-pot it I found out that the plant on the right was infected. There are white powdery things on its’ roots, so I searched on what to do and how to treat it. I transferred those to the green pots that was too small for them and I treated it that day too. I mixed baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and water. I put the disinfectant to a spray bottle. After 5 days I sprayed again on the middle part of the plant and to its soil and not on the leaves.


I checked on these two today if its’ roots doesn’t have anymore the infection, and I saw it’s growing and there are no more powdery white on it plus it has new babies too! Now they have a bigger pot! David called them Left and Right by the way.

The first time I repotted Left and Right there was a part of it that was dettached and I transferred it to another pot alone because its’ roots are all infected. But today I just saw that it’s cleared from the infection! I’m so happy!!!


On the other side of the appartment, there was a problem with Lotus last week, if you remember on my first blog about cactusing I introduced it. Here’s the link if you like to check it out: Cactusing

Lotus had 3 leaves turned yellow, I searched and from the articles I’ve read maybe it’s overwatered or the soil is not appropriate for it. I also learned that this succulent plant is very sensitive to overwatering. Too bad I didn’t take a photo of it with the yellow leaves.

Now I put out the 3 yellow leaves of Lotus and put new soil, I hope it will be better.

From left to right: Jade, Dino and Lotus


It is so overwhelming to see Jade and Dino growing and looking good. I saw that there are new babies (new plants coming out, I call them babies) coming out from the sides of Dino and Jade on top. I’m so happy and felt my hands are not so bad at all in planting.

In my Cactusing blog I also talked about the 3 leaves that fell and I replanted. The no.1 died and the two others numbers 2 and 3 I put them together.


So now I am continuing to plant more and last week we did groceries and bought scallions, I put the buds with roots in water for 5 days and now I had the time to transfer it to the soil. I love scallions for toppings! By February or March next year I’m planning to plant more vegetables and herbs.



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