Tell Me

I need you to tell me when you need me. If I’m alone and longing I need you to tell me you need a hug from me. Some days are cold and I need your arms to embrace me. Time will pass and some words are need to be spoken, tell me you love me. In this busy world let’s take a moment to laugh, and tell me I make you happy. Let’s enflame for love and tell me you won’t let go of me. When you close your eyes tell me you think of me. Let’s get old and be with each other, tell me you’ll stay with me. Walk hand in hand to warm each palm, tell me you’ll hold on no matter what. I cannot guess everything in your mind so please tell me. I know actions speaks louder than words but I need you to tell me. If there are things you want to share my ears are open, I will listen. Just tell me.


Loves ARTs, music, nature, food, fashion and travel. I moved to Paris and my life, money career was back to zero, so I started all over again with positivity. 😎

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