1 Novembre 2018


     It’s the day for the souls that departed. I went to a cemetery yesterday at Montmartre Cemetery in Paris. I went alone, and just took a walk and while walking the feeling is so heavy, maybe because it’s about to rain that time. I prayed for all the souls for all around the world and took some photos. Some of the tombstones or gravestones here aren’t like the normal ones, it’s like a castle too.



My last visit at a cemetery (in the Philipiines) was a couple of years ago when a dad of friend died. Whenever I see a cemetery, the feeling of sadness and peacefulness filled me; when I see people crying and mourning for a loved one that passed away. But come to think of it, yes it’s sad to be left behind, to see them go physically, to not feel their hugs and kisses anymore.

The question is did we profit when they were still alive? Did we made them feel loved when they were breathing. Did we made them feel alive when they were still on earth? Many people offer flowers and prayers when someone dies, do we often do that when that someone was still alive? I think it hurts the passing of a loved one, but it hurts more when we do not care about them when they were still kicking and breathing. Let’s not take time for granted, every second counts as well as ever breath of our loved ones does.



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