What are the things you enjoy when you take the public transportation?

Here are the few things I enjoy:

1. I can browse the internet, play games or read a book.

2. The view. I’m taking my time while in the bus or train to watch the view.

3. You’re going to see your transport mate.

This applies to people that commutes everyday, same hour and see the same people. So I call them transportmate. And some people build friendship by having conversation with their transportmate.

4. Talk to strangers. I find it cool when someone just smile or make conversation with me out of nowhere.

5. Witness the love. There are times I can see couples, mother and child and even human and their lovable pets, I witness the exchange of love given to each individual and it makes me smile, the world should be full of it.

6. I can witness reality, always. No matter how you define reality, you can see it everywhere and I’m observing some while I’m riding in a transportation.

7. I can think of so many things. Sometimes good ideas come on their way when we’re just daydreaming.

8. It allows me to be human. Whenever an aged person, pregnant woman or a child comes along it’s automatic you should let them sit. That’s beong a responsible human.

9. Explore. There are times that I missed my stop or I took the wrong train or bus, it allows me to explore and know the other routes.

10. I’m experiencing life. Whenever I’m in a transportation, I’m seeing and feeling how lucky I am, really.

I want to know your insights too while you take the public transportation, I will be glad to know. Drop a comment or message! ♡

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