6 August 2018

“First summer ride with David by car. Second summer vacation together. I will be forever grateful to do it again and again to tease him anywhere we go.”

     Whenever something happens in our lives we need something, someone or somewhere we can show our emotions, how we feel. Somehow others cannot do it; they cannot show how they feel, cannot say how they are, cannot cry when they need.


     Traveling heals. When we are happy, we are excited, the world is on our side. When we are sad, we don’t need anything but someone. When we are angry we like to be alone and away. For every emotion we feel, we need something to complete it. Traveling can fill that completeness we are looking for. Sometimes it’s the best getaway we can do just to be in good form again, to compose back to our normal selves.

     Traveling doesn’t mean you need to be miles away. The basic is you can travel by your feet or by any means of transportation. Traveling with your mind can also be a good way to heal. Write a story, a poem or draw whatever you like to do. Travel by listening to the lyrics of the music of your preference or playing your favorite instrument. Exercise your favorite sport or walk your dog to uplift your spirit. There are so many ways to travel. Don’t limit yourselves to do whatever you think you cannot do. Most importantly do it for yourself, to heal. Travel means getting better, to experience the best of our lives. Healing is a state of mind, it’s only you who can help yourself.



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