Autumn feels

I arrived in France, 3 September 2015. I remember the plane landed 7:30 in the morning at Charles de Gaulle airport. I will never forget how I looked at the skies above from the plane, its colors are blue green, midnight blue and black. It’s near the end of summer and beginning of autumn season. It’s my first time to experience autumn because in the Philippines there are only two which are summer and rainy seasons. So it’s really exciting for me to witness the leaves turned orange, red, brown, yellow then fall. The trees are very beautiful and the sunsets are magical with the golden leaves around. It’s the perfect weather for me. Fresh mornings and sunny during the afternoon with cool breeze that you can feel that winter and Christmas season is coming. Before Christmas, there is Halloween but it’s not so celebrated here unlike in America but I’m still happy I saw for real the popular pumpkin, I can only see in movies or photos before.


Loves ARTs, music, nature, food, fashion and travel. I moved to Paris and my life, money career was back to zero, so I started all over again with positivity. 😎

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